Solid new release from Yellow Machines

Binary Feedback are delighted to have been involved mastering the digital version of this superb quality release ‘Andromeda’ from Scanone and friends.

AndromedaScanone’s title track is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown. He skilfully combines a rolling and slightly understated electro beat with epic synth pads and evocative sci-fi samples to create a piece that is both eminently danceable as well as vast and cinematic in nature.  Full of detail without becoming overwhelming or losing its stride, this is a very well conceived track that continues to reward the listener on repeated listens and I have faith that it will stand the test of time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Radioactive Man delivers a more traditional floor-focussed mix which seems to tick all the right boxes for ‘electro banger’ without falling into clichés. Despite being generally dryer than the original, there are opportunities to float into the distance with the spacious pads for a brief moment, adding an additional sensation of depth without making the mix at all ambient.

ADJ runs with one of the many synth themes from Andromeda, blending many of the more atmospheric elements with somewhat skittish robozaps, before dropping into a sparser kick-heavy section half way through.  Somewhat more difficult to place in terms of set-time, but none the less an enjoyable version which I think would work better for long blends in the mix rather than as a straight listening experience.

Delivering my favourite of the remix versions, Sync24’s version is essentially very minimal at its core. Tight, dry drums and a menacing bass drone keeping a largely inflexible, hypnotic groove with just the right amount of movement to keep you on board the craft as it drifts through the void.  However, the overall effect of the track is far from minimal, with the choice effects and pads opening the remix right out, and the vocal snippets adding a distinctly creepy, almost stalker like unnerving edge which stir in a subtle dash of paranoia to the journey.  Superb.

Thematically the most detached from the original, Synapse keeps us within the realms of the story by the use of vocal samples. Uneasy melodies and acid lines combine with a slightly more broken beat which remind me favourably of T-Power’s ‘Chocolate Weasel’ project, and adds diversity to the set.  Despite carrying the element of mystery and wonder from the original, there is a definite sense of resolve to Synapse’s mix which provides a welcome epilogue to the EP.

A highly recommended release which serves to push the already high standard of Yellow Machines up a few more notches.