Mastering ‘Dva’ for Emika and Ninja Tune

Emika - DvaI’m absolutely thrilled to announce our involvement in Emika’s second long player for Ninja Tune.

Emika was very keen to distance herself from the typical bright / forced ‘upfront’ sound that has been dominating the majority of electronic releases for many years. Instead, the songs lend themselves to much darker, deeper presentation with a thick, warm bass and mid-range decorated with a delicate, yet clear top-end detail. With such a broad range of influences and instrumentation involved, we agreed it was imperative to maintain an immense sense of scale across the LP, bringing the various works together as a single piece of art without homogenising their individuality.

In a marketplace dominated by band-wagon mimicry, it’s certainly refreshing to work with an artist that’s not afraid to stand alone on her own terms.

I have been working very closely with Emika to master projects across her whole campaign. The CD and download release versions of course, but also an entirely unique set of pre-masters for the vinyl version, instrumentals ready for tv/movie sync, various bonus materials including the Klavirni EP of intimate piano performances, some exclusive dubs, singles, radio edits, video mixes and also as a sonic adviser for her live show.

I feel truly blessed to work with both Emika and Ninja, look forward to working together in the future and raise a glass to toast the arrival of this superb LP.

Emika – Dva is out now, directly from Ninja and from ‘all good’ record shops.