Mastering & Post Services

Binary Feedback offer digital audio mastering, mixing, restoration, sound design, and dialogue editing services, with in house engineer Hue Jah Fink. For more details contact

Here’s some client feedback from previous work. 

“AMAZING! ….. This is mind blowing… I am going to spread the word about your mastering work far and wide. Thanks so much, you have some great talent.”
Emika – (Ninja Tune)

 “(Binary Feedback) did sterling work on my House of Black Lanterns remix of Boy Toy for the EE comp. Finally had a chance to play this mastered version at a club at the weekend. He definitely saw to what was quite a raw mix.”
Dylan ‘King Cannibal’ / ‘House of Black Lanterns’ (Ninja Tune, Combat, Rag n Bone, Ad Noiseam, Senseless, Houndstooth)

“Yeah this sounds great, props to the mastering engineer.. knows his stuff.
Good to go”
Marcus Intalex / Trevino – (3024, Soul:R, Metalheadz, Renegade, Hospital, Critical, Dispatch, Shogun, RAM …. & too many more great labels to mention!!!)

“I think it sounds great Rich, good work :) was interesting to read yr notes”
Geiom – (Planet Mu, Frijsfo Beats, Berkane Sol, Skam)

“Thanks for all the feedback and notes Richy. I think you’ve done a really good job … tight and balanced.”
Boxcutter – (Planet Mu / Hotflush / Kinnego / Combat)

“Sounds great. 100% approved…. I’m liking how pleasantly listenable and clear this is…. A job well done, and thanks for the detailed feedback :)”
Aaron Spectre / Drumcorps – (Ad Noiseam, Rag & Bone, Peace Off)

“Hue Jah Fink has seemingly achieved the impossible and digitally cleaned up a very old track of mine that I’d written off. It had bad distortion, clicks, a muddy bottom end and basically sounded terrible. Now it’s clean, bright, loud and clear.”
Jerome Hill (Don’t / Fat Hop / Origin FM)

“Brilliant, reliable, timely, it’s been great working with you with The Felt Dolls project. Love the sound you get, thank you for everything.”
Kirsty Hawkshaw – Vocalist / Songwriter / Musician (re: mixing, remixing, mastering for digital download and CD releases)

“Richy is a thorough and passionate engineer whose attention to detail is second to none. The end product is always of a very high quality and his sensitivity to the musical style means it also has plenty of character. His flexible and personable style of communication means working with him is a pleasure.”
Richard Bultitude aka PointB aka Planes aka Frond (Frijsfo, Combat, Lab-Beat, Bonus Round)

“Binary Feedback have been consistently on point with digital mastering for Yellow Machines and my other projects. Thorough feedback and very open to discussing sonic tweaking options. It’s very clear that Mr. Fink has a great ear for both super heavy electronic tracks for the dance floor but also refined melodic work for other media.”
Jude Greenaway aka ScanOne – Label Boss and Music Producer – Yellow Machines

“Casual, confident and professional. Richy makes absolutely sure what it is you want for the tracks. He’s sensitive not only to the subtleties of a track’s elements, but also to the environment a track is meant to be heard; unlike some mastering guys that just force all tracks through the same process. We’re really happy with his work.”
Stormfield – Label Boss and Music Producer – Combat Recordings

“An excellent job …. brought it to life”
Milanese – (Planet Mu, Warp, BPitch Control, Combat Recordings)

“Done an A/B check and the mastering is sounding really sweet. You’ve pulled it all together nicely and given all the tracks a nice presence.”
Warlock – DJ, producer and co-owner of Rag & Bone

“Many thanks mate, these are spot on. ……. Thanks for getting on this so quick.”
Jon Boka – label manager – Boka / Saigon / Tank

“Richy’s engineering ear is second to none, on numerous occasions he has identified issues with my mix I would have never picked up on and offered a quick and simple solution to make it just so. His masters have helped massively getting my music signed and have been played by the likes of Ash-a-tack, Stunna & Phat Playaz.”
Cosmology – (Good Looking, Plush, Fokuz, Phuzion, Soul Deep, Binary Feedback)

“I’ve had a lot of masters done and TBH I’ve not heard a massive difference…but with this I could tell straight away. Just sounds a lot heavier & punchier than our version…really impressed. Will be sure to go to these guys for future mastering”
Dead Sound – (Gynoid Audio / Combat / Acroplane / Perc Trax)

“Thanks so much for a brilliant job on the master. Some very intuitive mixing at your end, you seemed to remove all the unintentional clicks and leave in all the purposeful ones! Without any knowledge of my intentions, this is a great skill.”
Memotone – (Black Acre/Team Acre)

“Excellent mastering!   All frequencies came up even more and not in a harsh or distorted way! Dope work!”
AnD – (Black Sun, Horizontal Ground, Inner Surface)

“Very very happy with my master, bottom end sounds great and lots of detail has been brought out in the mix. Sterling job Binary Feedback.”
Tom Dicicco – (Inner Surface, Stockholm LTD, Project Squared)

“sweet, both sound biiiiiiiig!”
Earl Grey (Plush / Subtle Audio / Marionette)

“I have worked with Richard for the last eight years, first on musical projects and then on short films. I have always found his work exacted with the utmost precision and skill and have absolutely no reservations in recommending him as a sound designer or engineer. … his abilities and creative ideas put him up amongst the best in the industry.”
Dan Moss – Film Director / Music Producer

“Working together with Richard on mastering tracks is always a great experience. Not only does he respect deadlines, is always on time and delivers great-quality work, he also is extremely passionate about details and gives always more than 100% – that little extra bit that makes the difference in the end. Furthermore, by involving you into what he’s doing and explaining the steps he’s taking to approach the perfect product you’ll never feel left out and can be sure that he’s going to work on it until you’re happy with the final result”
Fabian Faupel – Songwriter / Producer / Arranger

“Binary Feedback have made my music spring to life with warmth, clarity and punch… to give my song that smooth full sound we all crave. Binary Feedback combines great tech and great service with a great pair of ears belonging to someone who clearly cares about music.  I’ll definitely be using Binary Feedback for all my future projects.  Many thanks”
DJ Deadlock – DJ/producer – Rankadank

“Hue Jah Fink has one of the finest set of ears in this business, tip top work 360.”
Gadi Sassoon aka Memory9 (re: sound design work)

“I’ve had tracks mastered at various places but the ones done by Rich especially for Section 8 have been the best by far… …here we have an engineer who actually seeks to understand and work with your artistic endeavours rather than providing some generic recording…..TOP CLASS stuff…read it and believe it folks ;)”
Shadow Conspiracy – (Section8)

“WOW! They sound really AMAZING! Great what you’ve achieved with the sounds, they were just raw, unprocessed signal and they have been placed in a really nice way and details have been brought out.  I think your versions have taken them to a really nice place sonically.”
Dave Stitch – Music Producer (,  Headfuk, Frogs, Bernard’s Haircut)