Igniting : Roman Candle

…… Will and Phil take a break from solo taxidermy to turn their hand to a more abstract display.

From a high vantage point overlooking London, Roman Candle construct their pyrosonics by combining colourful arcs of lo-fi electronic improvisation with tasteful found-sound illuminations.
Their debut release contains two beautiful sound displays. Light the touch paper, sit back and enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Stream the full release here on Soundcloud –

Available at Junodownload, Beatport, Addictech, Digital-Tunes, Trackitdown & iTunes amongst other online outlets.



Electronic Explorations

We are thrilled to bits to have been involved in mastering a monumental compilation curated by Rob Booth, podcast champion of the electronic underground.

Rob has been running the Electronic Explorations podcast since 2007 and was the first on the scene for providing a constant stream of great new music from both established and up-and-coming acts.  Many of the scene’s key players have appeared offering up-front, original mixes exclusively for the show.

The podcast has become SO popular (reaching as many as 80,000 downloads each show) that Rob’s server costs have gone through the roof.  So this 60 track extravaganza has been put together to raise donations for the continued success of EE.

The compilation features a myriad of amazing talent, some established acts including Emika, Ital Tek, House of Black Lanterns (aka King Cannibal), Machinedrum, Milanese, Radioactiveman and Trevino (aka Marcus Intalex), as well as a plethora of rising stars who have all contributed their work in mutual support of the show that has helped bring their music to a wider audience.  There is also an exclusive track from our very own ‘The Whispering Minority’ who are busy preparing a release for us later this year.

It has already attracted attention from Resident Advisor, Fact Mag, Sonic Router and many other key music blogs, as well as having tracks plucked by Mary Anne Hobbs and played on her XFM show.

Quite simply, it’s the most exciting and comprehensive compilation we’ve ever seen, clocking up nearly 6 hours of playing time with a dizzying array of deep dubstep, techno, IDM and soundscape pieces – there’s something here for anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music today.  Warp Records referred to it as “Artificial Intelligence fast forwarded 20 years”.  Could you get a better endorsement?

With a minimum donation of just £5, you’d really be a complete moron to miss out on this opportunity to get 60 top quality exclusive tracks and support Rob’s show into the bargain.

To see the full line-up and make a donation to secure your copy for July 1st, please follow this link.


and please do bookmark the Electronic Explorations website where you can download a brand new & exclusive mix of all the freshest electronica each and every week, and browse their archive of over 200 shows.



Solid new release from Yellow Machines

Binary Feedback are delighted to have been involved mastering the digital version of this superb quality release ‘Andromeda’ from Scanone and friends.

AndromedaScanone’s title track is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown. He skilfully combines a rolling and slightly understated electro beat with epic synth pads and evocative sci-fi samples to create a piece that is both eminently danceable as well as vast and cinematic in nature.  Full of detail without becoming overwhelming or losing its stride, this is a very well conceived track that continues to reward the listener on repeated listens and I have faith that it will stand the test of time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Radioactive Man delivers a more traditional floor-focussed mix which seems to tick all the right boxes for ‘electro banger’ without falling into clichés. Despite being generally dryer than the original, there are opportunities to float into the distance with the spacious pads for a brief moment, adding an additional sensation of depth without making the mix at all ambient.

ADJ runs with one of the many synth themes from Andromeda, blending many of the more atmospheric elements with somewhat skittish robozaps, before dropping into a sparser kick-heavy section half way through.  Somewhat more difficult to place in terms of set-time, but none the less an enjoyable version which I think would work better for long blends in the mix rather than as a straight listening experience.

Delivering my favourite of the remix versions, Sync24’s version is essentially very minimal at its core. Tight, dry drums and a menacing bass drone keeping a largely inflexible, hypnotic groove with just the right amount of movement to keep you on board the craft as it drifts through the void.  However, the overall effect of the track is far from minimal, with the choice effects and pads opening the remix right out, and the vocal snippets adding a distinctly creepy, almost stalker like unnerving edge which stir in a subtle dash of paranoia to the journey.  Superb.

Thematically the most detached from the original, Synapse keeps us within the realms of the story by the use of vocal samples. Uneasy melodies and acid lines combine with a slightly more broken beat which remind me favourably of T-Power’s ‘Chocolate Weasel’ project, and adds diversity to the set.  Despite carrying the element of mystery and wonder from the original, there is a definite sense of resolve to Synapse’s mix which provides a welcome epilogue to the EP.

A highly recommended release which serves to push the already high standard of Yellow Machines up a few more notches.

we snare because you do

we snare because you do‘we snare because you do’ picks a number of jungle and dnb favourites from the Hue Jah Fink archive, as heard from live performances between 2003 to 2007.

The release is bursting with energy, and although some of the productions are somewhat raw sounding compared to his more recent releases, the overall force of his passion in this body of work remains largely unsurpassed to this day.  The tracks have not been remastered for this compilation, and instead have been taken from the original masters where available, for maximum authenticity.

Available as a complete set on a ‘name your price’ basis, exclusively through the marvellous Bandcamp system.

Click here to name your price at Bandcamp

Update: A more abstract turn…

While all 3 Pair A Dice DNB Remixes have been penetrating the top 20 at Drum&Bass Arena, (Maztek remix climbed to #7, Savage boys in at #9 and Cosmology at #18) we’ve been plotting our next movements at BF, and we will be leaving the safety of the well trodden pathway…

We’ve invited “kwerk”-y Roman Candle to entertain us with some of their playful and colourful bleep-dub displays,  ‘the whispering minority’ are also lining up some abstract electronic portraits in hushed tones, plus we’ve also got various remix projects underway – including one in the bag from the seemingly unstoppable Point B.

Stay tuned folks.

Free glitched-up dub remix from Dj Deadlock

On a cold winters night inside a gomper located somewhere inland of the vast expanse of Australian countryside two minds combined to infuse their magic into a recording by a Victorian cabaret ska band know as Spyndrift.

The advanced apes trusted with the raw materials were Deadlock from London and Chenjesu from Melbourne respectively. This international collaboration is a fusion of traditional laid-back dub style beats and bass driven experimentalism laced with the sultry vocals of Spyndrift’s own Elle.

Final mastering done here at Binary Feedback… enjoy!

Freebies from Frijsfo, Combat & Section8

Here we see a very generous start to the new year thanks to some free tracks from some of our favourite labels.  All of course, mastered here at Binary Feedback.

First off, a sneaky peak at the excellent new album from Point B on the Frijsfo Beats imprint.


Also, to mark the release of the incredibly diverse Anodyne – Empires Remixes Part 1, this dark and foreboding soundscape from twisted wrong-doers Fausten, courtesy of Combat.


And finally, this awesome display of twisted-reese trickery and sub-bass sorcery from Shadow Conspiracy & Bison on the prolific Section 8.


Introducing TREEN

Good friends of Binary Feedback, Louisa Yorke and Dave Stitch have formed Treen, an electronic act that aims to bring raw analogue signals back to the dance, focussing purely on live performance using a plethora of modified hardware and toys.

They are joined by acclaimed video director Shortfaced Bear who creates bespoke 3-D projections as part of the set.

Here is a short sound-clip from a recent set…

If you are interested in booking Treen or finding out more, please contact them directly at : treensounds@gmail.com

Binary Feedback – Back in the Game!

After a long hibernation due to legal issues, the Binary Feedback label is back with a relaunch in January 2012.

Our first release of the year will be a remix pack of 2 Kilo Mockingbird’s – Pair A Dice.

We’ve got three masterfully crafted DNB mixes coming out with contributions from V-Record’s versatile bad-boys Savage Rehab, Italian neuro-funk supremo Maztek who has recently been poached by Renegade Hardware, and amazing up-and-coming producer Cosmology who has already had tracks out on Section 8’s atmospheric / liquid offshoot label Plush, and Soul Deep Recordings.


Here is a taster of Maztek‘s mix, which we have been clutching onto very tightly for some time!

2 Kilo Mockingbird – Pair a Dice MAZTEK RMX(BINARY FEEDBACK DUB) by MAZTEK™

More news to follow!